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Hamelin, a story of men and women

We want our employees to be happy and proud to work for Hamelin.

Objective ZERO!

In 2018, we launched the ZERO project to share good occupational health and safety practices within the Hamelin Group.

Our motto: Think safety, work safely!

We have created a strong, close-knit team of safety managers who help each other to implement the same safety rules in all our plants and warehouses.
We have defined our 10 golden rules, which are known to all our employees, in a booklet given to all new arrivals:

10 golden rules
Risk management
Manual handling
Pedestrian traffic
Site vehicle movement
Working equipment and hazardous machines
Personal protective equipment
Season peaks production management
Fire and burning risks
Chemical risks
Employee travel
10 golden rules

The men and women in our company are our most precious asset. In this area, we can be proud of what we have achieved to protect the Health and Safety of our employees. However, any accident is one too many – our goal is ZERO. This means that we must not tolerate anything that could compromise Safety. There are simple individual and collective commitments we can make: “If we can’t do a job safely, then we don’t do it”. “If we see someone taking risks, we have the power and the duty to speak up and take action”.

These individual and collective commitments help to strengthen the first pillar of Safety: the organisation’s Safety Culture. At the same time, we must continue to strengthen technical safety via the golden rules and the safety management system as part of routine prevention activities (induction, training, inspection, safety quarter-hour, reporting of near-misses and dangerous situations, post-accident investigation, etc.).

Tanguy Prat, Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Manager, Hamelin Group

Tunisia - Pink October - Protecting the health of female employees

At Hamelin Tunisia, we organised a breast cancer awareness campaign in October 2022 in conjunction with occupational medicine and the local health authorities. By offering free consultations and sharing information, we hope to encourage screening and raise awareness of the fact that a healthy lifestyle and good habits can save lives.

Hachem Mamoun Ziedi, Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Coordinator, Hamelin Tunisia

United Kingdom - United against cancer!

Every year, the team at Hamelin Brands UK take action to raise funds for the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR). In 2023, Philip Beer has completed the Ride of Life cycling challenge and Shane Owen and Jack Hewett completed the Climb of Life walk with lots of other industry colleagues. Shane (Channel Sales Manager) also took the challenge to run the London Marathon dressed as an Exercise Book, where he completed it in a World Guinness record time of 5 hours 19 minutes and 15 seconds, setting a NEW world record! We have also introduced quarterly fundraising events for employees, which have included an Easter Egg Hunt and a Bake Off, with all funds raised going to the ICR!

Lauren Finbow, Product Manager, Hamelin Brands UK

Spain - Encouraging employees to protect the environment

Hamelin Brands Spain employees are taking action for the environment and collecting abandoned rubbish. A team of employees took part in the Ultra Clean marathon, a plogging race combining jogging and rubbish collection, in Terrassa and Barcelona (63 km). Employees also kayaked down the River Ter to clean up the river while sharing a day of fun with colleagues and family.

Josep Buixeda, General Manager Iberia, North & South America

France, Hamelin, we're on the move!

Sport is good for your health, sport brings people together and sport raises money to help others. That’s why our French employees take part in a number of races, including Les Courants de la Liberté, in memory of the Liberation of Europe by Normandy, and the RunSep to raise funds for the fight against multiple sclerosis.

Eric Boutin, Continuous Improvement Manager, Hamelin France

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