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Hamelin Brands Great Britain

The Hamelin Group in figures

employees in 19 countries
countries using Hamelin products
millions euro turnover
notebook manufacturer certified with the EU Ecolabel

Our brands

Hamelin is a French owned family business and a market leader in the field of manufacturing school and office  products . Our products provide support for millions of school children, students and professionals all over the world in their learning, studies, projects and daily lives. As we believe in the importance of education and good-organisation at all ages, our aim is to provide our customers with the very best tools to succeed and prosper.


Express yourself, we care

We set new standards to minimise our footprint at every step in the product life-cycle. We are committed to unleashing talents by offering our consumers innovative and sustainable products. Our basic premise is that preserving the environment shouldn’t be the consumer’s problem. It’s our job to make each product in a responsive way, with microscopic focus on every part of the supply chain.

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