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Our careers

Our careers

Pete, United Kingdom
Warehouse and Distribution Manager

Pete has been working as Warehouse and Distribution Manager at Hamelin United Kingdom for more than 12 years. He has over 30 years’ experience working in warehouses and managing implementation projects across different companies including John Lewis Partnership, Ocado and the John Dickinson Group. He tells us more about his job!

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Matthew, United Kingdom
Supply Chain Director

Matthew has been a Supply Chain Director at Hamelin United Kingdom for 13 years. Matthew began his career working for various companies including capital goods manufacturer, automotive company and construction equipment company. In these roles, he worked across various disciplines from engineering to manufacturing, procurement, quality and distribution. He tells us about his work as Supply Chain Director at Hamelin!

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Mariusz, Poland
Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager

Mariusz joined Hamelin more than fourteen years ago, just after he graduated. He tells us about his daily work as Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager at Hamelin Poland.

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Anna, Spain & Portugal
Director of Marketing and Trade Marketing

Anna has been working at Hamelin Spain for 21 years. She started as a Product Manager for the desk diaries and filing product lines. She is now Director of Marketing and Trade marketing for the Spanish and Portuguese markets. Anna loves her job and tells you more about it!

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Virginie, France
Director of Sustainable Development

Having obtained a degree in environmental engineering, Virginie began her career in the car and chemical industries. She later joined the Hamelin group as its Director of Sustainable Development. Here’s a brief summary of her work.

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Sebastian, Germany
Area Sales Manager

After completing his apprenticeship as a Wholesale and Foreign Trade Merchant and gaining professional experience, Sebastian decided to start extra-occupational studies in business psychology. At the same time, a mere 25 years old, he started as Area Sales Manager at Hamelin GmbH and has now also successfully completed his bachelor’s degree.

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Arnaud, France
Mobile Application Development Engineer

Arnaud has been a Mobile Application Development Engineer at Hamelin for nearly two years. A former karateka, he understands what a good challenge means! His main goal with the other members of the team? To constantly improve the SCRIBZEE® app so as to provide the best possible experience for its users. Deciphering the work of the mobile development engineer at Hamelin.

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Agathe, France
Consumer Insights Manager

At the age of 25, with a Master’s Degree in Marketing behind her, the effervescent Agathe recently joined the Hamelin Campus team. Her job? She’s a Consumer Insights Manager.

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